How Solar/Cool Roofs Can Help Accomplish Baltimore’s Climate Action Plan

By Emily Stiever on August 26, 2013

The City of Baltimore is looking to reduce 15% of its greenhouse gas (GHG) levels by 2020, and solar PV and cool roofs are part of the plan. To help the city achieve their goals, MD SUN, the Center For Environmental Innovation in Roofing, Roof Menders Inc. and Quick Mount PV Inc., are putting together a workshop on how you can be part of the solution.

As part of the Climate Action Plan (CAP), Baltimore identified solar PV on roofs and cool roofs as strategies to reduce the city’s GHG levels, setting ambitious goals for the government, commercial, institutional, multifamily and residential sectors.

In the energy savings and supply section of the plan, some of the goals include:

  • 30 MW of PV installed in the city in among all sectors
  • PV installed in 15% of all single family homes
  • 10% cool roof coverage on residential roofs

The city will also promote legislation for community solar at the state level, a measure that would open up solar for the wider residential community. Baltimore will also review and standardize its permitting process to remove the barriers to residential and community solar projects.

Community solarbulk purchases and other residential solar models are key to help the city achieve these goals. These financing methods can help Baltimore residents access solar at reduced costs while building community at the same time.

On August 27th, MD SUN invites you to a workshop to visit a house which has both a new cool roof and a solar PV system installed. Next there will be three short presentations by roofing and solar experts/practitioners that will be followed by an open discussion of the experts, you, and your colleagues.

This plan is a great opportunity for the city, and a partnership of government initiatives, residents, organizations, and solar and roofing companies can help Baltimore reach its ambitious goals.

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