Solarize Floyd Launch Press Release

By Ben Delman on July 21, 2014

Event:    Solarize  Floyd  Community  Launch

Where:    Hotel  Floyd  First  Floor  Conference  Room

Date:    July  29,  2014

Time:    7  –  8:30  PM

Contact:    Billy  Weitzenfeld,  Executive  Director,  540-­‐745-­‐2838,  [email protected]

Solarize  Floyd,  a  community  based  group  interested  in  increasing  the  solar  generating  capacity  in   Floyd  County,  will  hold  a  community  meeting  to  launch  the  program  on  Tuesday,  July  29  from  7-­‐8:30   PM  in  the  Hotel  Floyd’s  first  floor  conference  room.  Solarize  Floyd  is  partnering  with  the  Community   Power  Network,  a  non-­‐profit  organization  dedicated  to  helping  communities  develop  solar  energy   programs.  The  purpose  of  Solarize  Floyd  is  to  provide  affordable  and  quality  solar  PV  installations  in   Floyd  County  through  a  structured  program  that  will  also  include  financing  options,  local  contractors,   and  a  quality  control  process  that  will  insure  code  compliant  installation  and  equipment  and  a  high   standard  of  workmanship.  Solarize  Floyd  will  also  help  to  improve  the  local  economy  and  contribute   to  a  wider  effort  aimed  at  expanding  and  solidifying  the  regional  and  statewide  solar  marketplace.   There  is  a  grassroots  movement  in  this  country  to  develop  community  projects  and  programs  that   help  residents  and  homeowners  generate  electricity  thru  clean  and  renewable  resources  –  particularly   solar.  This  is  based  on  the  understanding  and  the  increasing  awareness  that  a  continued  reliance  on   fossil  fuels  to  generate  electricity  is  damaging  our  natural  environment  and  our  personal  health.   Renewable  energy  combined  with  energy  conservation  and  efficiency  is  the  sustainable  energy   solution  that  will  lead  to  a  clean,  safe,  and  affordable  energy  future  and  it  all  begins  at  home.  We  will   also  stress  the  need  for  home  energy  efficiency  as  a  first  step  before  installing  solar  PV.  Making  sure   your  home  is  energy  efficient  first  is  very  important  in  maximizing  the  energy  saving  opportunity  that   solar  represents.

At  the  meeting  homeowners  will  learn  how  the  program  is  structured,  how  to  apply  and  sign  up  for   the  program,  what  the  costs  are,  potential  financing  options,  who  the  local  solar  contractors   participating  in  the  program  are,  the  role  of  Community  Power  Network,  the  types  of  systems   installed  and  the  brands  of  equipment  used,  and  the  quality  control  measures  that  will  be  in  place.

Please  join  us  on  July  29  and  learn  how  you  can  be  part  of  a  community  movement  that  will  help   provide  clean  and  affordable  renewable  energy  opportunities.  If  you  have  considered  purchasing  and   using  solar  panels  to  generate  electricity  in  your  home  then  this  may  be  your  chance  to  make  that   happen.

Cant  make  it  to  the  meeting?  Join  the  group  online  at: Solar United Neighbors of Virginia 

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