Students Learn, the County Saves: First PG County public school to go solar!

By Emily Stiever on July 3, 2013

The fist Prince George County public school to host a rooftop solar array installed yesterday their first solar panels. At the end of this month, the University Park Elementary School will host a solar system that will generate 85,000 kWh, avoid 60 tons of CO emissions and bring a revenue of up to $18,000 annually from the sale of electricity and renewable energy tax credits. SAM_5996

The project is a joint venture between the Town of University Park, Md. and the Prince George’s County Public School System, and Standard Solar, Inc. will be carrying out the project.

The project is funded by the Small Town Energy Program (STEP) of the Town of University Park. STEP began in 2010 with a 3-year grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to create a roadmap for other small towns to reduce their energy use and greenhouse has emissions. The solar panels in the school are a part of this effort funded by the grant.

In addition to the energy and greenhouse emissions savings, the town is also using this poject as an educational opportunity. The solar array will be included in the county’s STEM portal to show the students real time applications of technological innovations and scientific learning.

“The solar project is the culmination of two years of work with the school board, Pepco and numerous other stakeholders and volunteers, including our entire Town Council. The installation is a terrific example of a successful public-private partnership that delivers multiple benefits to the community, and we are pleased to be part of it!”
-University Park Mayor John Tabori


To read more, check out their press release.

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