SUN welcomes two new staff to the Indiana team

By Solar United Neighbors on October 25, 2023

Just as solar energy is growing throughout the nation, our team at Solar United Neighbors is growing, too! We are excited to have two new staff members join our Indiana program. Originally established in 2019, the Indiana program has already organized 20 co-ops, hosted dozens of solar-focused events around the state, and so much more. We believe our newest staff will propel the program forward and help even more Hoosiers go solar!

We are pleased to introduce Brian Flory and Christopher Norrick, who would like to share a bit about their own stories — and their new work with SUN — below. 

A message from Brian Flory, Northern Indiana Organizer

I’m very excited to be joining the Indiana SUN team! In my role as Northern Indiana Organizer, I’ll be supporting programs that help people and organizations go solar. My particular focus will be on engaging rural communities in northern Indiana, to ensure they have the information and technical assistance they need to access the benefits of solar. 

I’ve advocated for environmental concerns and rooftop solar access for nearly two decades. In my previous work and volunteer experiences, I engaged in grassroots organizing with several state environmental groups, and also led two different non-profit organizations to install rooftop solar arrays, including the largest on a Indiana faith-based organization at the time. 

While not a native Hoosier, I’ve lived in Fort Wayne for over 15 years with my partner and daughter. On many mornings, you’ll find me bicycling on the city’s Rivergreenway trails, including a stop for coffee or a return home to grind my own roasted beans to brew a mug. I also enjoy traveling, reading, going to local festivals and farmers markets, and spending time with family and friends.

If you have questions about solar in Indiana, get in touch!

A message from Christopher Norrick, Indiana Program Associate

I look forward to being part of the Indiana SUN team as a Program Associate! In this role, I will be helping people go solar through our co-ops, as well as providing information and resources to folks considering solar. I’ll also be collaborating with partners across the state to advance our policy goals, such as bringing community solar to Indiana.

As a life-long Hoosier living in the Southwest corner of the state, and son of a coal miner, I am committed to using my passion for grassroots energy justice to help transform Indiana’s long history of burning coal into a much brighter future for us all. Indiana is overdue to begin the clean energy transition and has some serious catching up to do. Local solar is the fastest way to get there! However, we must make sure the rapid transition is also an equitable one.

In my spare time, I am on a quest to acquire as many hobbies as possible. I credit the Boy Scout merit badge system for this personality quirk. Currently in the hobby rotation cycle is bicycle riding, camping, strategic boardgames, brewing beer, making functional pottery (solar fired!), a bit of astrophotography, and 3D printing.

Reach out to me any time to talk more about Indiana solar!