Tell us about your solar system: Carol and Bill Reuther

By Ben Delman on January 6, 2017


Wheeling Solar Co-op members Carol and Bill Reuther went solar last March. Their 26-panel, 7.28 kW system is arranged in two strings of ten panels and one string of six panels. This design maximizes their roof’s ability to hold panels. This design has paid off, literally. The system produces roughly all their electricity needs in the summer months.

“We had decided to go solar, and then, just luckily, the co-op was announced.” Carol said. “And so, we could save money by going through it for the installation.”

The couple expressed surprise at how easy the process of going solar was and recommend that others look to go solar with a co-op as well.

“We love having the solar system,” Carol said. “We check the production amount every day, and so, I think that we are more conscious of energy use, and try to conserve more.”