Tell us about your solar system: John Nugent

By Ben Delman on January 17, 2017

Capitol Hill resident John Nugent had his 20-panel, 5 kW system installed in November of 2015. He decided to go solar because it is an environmentally conscious and save money. He also noted it will increase his home’s overall value.

“There will be highs and lows throughout the year, but it definitely saved us a ton on our electric bill,” Nugent said. “This year’s daily numbers have been better than the first year.”

Nugent says he was surprised by how quickly the installation went. He was also pleased with the short turn-around time from his panels being installed to getting connected from the utility.

Nugent uses a web-based monitoring application that is tied to his system. It provides production details down to 15-minutes. “I have been very pleased with all the data and how easy it is to see how much you’re saving,” Nugent said.