Texas solar homeowners: Learn how to maximize your solar return – for free

By Ben Delman on May 13, 2019

Sometimes during a sunny day your solar array generates more power than your home needs. The excess electricity is sent out through your electric meter to your neighbors. In most places, you receive a credit for this electricity through a system known as net metering. The credit you receive from net metering allows you to offset the energy you use at night when you are running on grid power and lowers your monthly electric bill and helps you recoup your investment in solar. Unlike most states, Texas does not require utilities to provide net metering. This poses a challenge for Texas homeowners who want to go solar.

Without net metering, it likely won’t make financial sense for your system to generate what you don’t use yourself, since you aren’t credited for it. There are a few net metering programs offered by some retail energy providers, but the lack of awareness and limited availability of these programs poses challenges. Often, in order to get the net metering benefit you have to choose an energy provider the charges a higher price for the power you do use. There are no simple rules that guide you how to make the most economical choice for your home.

As a result, many Texas homeowners’ install systems sized much smaller than elsewhere, are not participating in a net metering program or are participating in a program that may not maximize the value of their solar – we want to change this.

Study will help you understand your best deal for solar

We can turn your solar and electric use data into an informative report like this to help you maximize your solar return.

Solar United Neighbors is conducting a study to understand how to maximize the value of solar and reduce energy bills for Texas homeowners.  This answer is different for everyone depending on when you use energy and how much solar you produce. We are hoping to analyze at least 50 different homes in order to be able to draw some broad conclusions and guidelines that will help everyone with solar in Texas. Your data will be safe, never sold or shared and completely anonymous if you join this study.

What’s in it for you? By analyzing your energy data, we can educate you with personalized insights on the value of net metering and its impact on your energy bill and installation payback period. Leveraging these insights, we can empower you to make smart energy decisions and select the net metering program that provides the most value to you. You won’t get generalities. We will be able to tell which program is best for you based on your actual energy profile.

Our goal is to not only drive the maximum savings for homeowners now but leverage this study to develop more widely available and competitive net metering programs to truly maximize the value of solar in Texas. If you’re interested in saving more on your energy bills, just provide us your energy data and we’ll send you a free, custom report like the one above.
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