Ward 3 Residents Band Together, Select DC-Based Solar Solution to Install Solar at Significant Discount

By Emily Steiver on February 25, 2014

WASHINGTON DC: Over 40 neighbors in Ward 3 are going solar together and getting a group discount, with the help of local nonprofit DC Solar United Neighborhoods (DC SUN). By going solar as a group, participants in the bulk purchase save approximately 30% off the typical cost of installing solar systems on their homes, while also building community in the process.

By aggregating their purchasing power, the homeowners of Ward 3 were able to get a much lower price on installing solar panels on their homes than if they had done so individually. They worked with local nonprofit DC SUN, who provided unbiased technical support and guided the group through the entire process. DC SUN issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) on behalf of the group to solicit competitive bids from local installers.

Once the group had received bids from local installers, fifteen volunteers from the group of participating homeowners formed a committee to choose a single installer for the whole group. The Ward 3 Selection Committee reviewed bids and selected DC-based Solar Solution to complete all of the installations for Ward 3. Each participant will own their individual system and will sign their own customized contract with the company, but all will receive the group discount.

Solar Solution is a solar photovoltaic company that has thrived in the DC market since 2009, installing over 650 solar PV systems in the city. This is the second time that Solar Solution has bid successfully on a DC SUN-organized solar Bulk Purchase. In August 2013, Solar Solution was chosen by the Ward 4 Bulk Purchase Selection Committee to complete installations on their homes.

“We had a great experience working alongside DC SUN last year,” says Atta Kiarash of Solar Solution. “We’re excited to also be the solar installer for the Ward 3 Neighborhood Bulk Purchase group.”

Anya Schoolman, President of DC SUN, says the bulk purchase is a win-win solution for encouraging solar in the District:

“This is our sixth bulk purchase in DC since early 2013 and we continue to be amazed by all the interest we receive from homeowners. Going solar as part of a group makes the process much easier to navigate. Participants can rely on each other throughout the process while saving money.”

The Ward 3 group is still open for more people to join, and will remain open until Monday March 31st, 2014! To sign up, start your own neighborhood bulk purchase or to join one of the others already underway, go to http://www.dcsun.org/bulk-purchases/. DC SUN relies on community volunteers to lead the local organizing aspects of the group-buy process.

DC SUN has also worked with community members across the District. The group is available to help anyone organize a bulk purchase for their neighborhood.

About DC SUN

DC SUN is a diverse and growing group of families, businesses and neighborhood leaders working to make rooftop solar power convenient and affordable for everybody in DC. We’re a volunteer organization that’s not affiliated with any specific product or company and we seek to grow DC’s solar market. In addition to facilitating this solar bulk purchase, we are working on a number of other initiatives outlined on our website.

For more information, contact Anya Schoolman at anya@dcsun.org

About Solar Solution LLC

“Solar Solution LLC was founded in 2009 and has steadily grown in the solar PV market. Solar Solution is driven by the pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world. We provide alternative energy options, such as a solar system that can installed on your home in Washington DC. We are a local certified CBE firm in the District of Columbia. Having installed over 60% of all the solar systems in the District of Columbia, we understand the many different hurdles when it comes to DC contracting.”

For more information, contact Atta Kiarash at akiarash@solarsolutionllc.com