Welcome to Solar United Neighbors of Arizona

By Adrian Keller on July 26, 2023

Welcome to SUN Arizona! We believe the transition to clean energy should be led by real people, and the benefits of clean energy technologies — solar, in particular — should be available to all Arizonans. We organize communities in Arizona to go solar together and invest  in clean energy technologies at home. Then, we mobilize solar supporters to fight for accessible, affordable solar energy in our state. 

Going solar in Arizona

Adrian Keller,
SUN Arizona Program Director

Solar United Neighbors launched our Arizona program in 2019. Since then, we’ve helped more than 400 regular people across the state access affordable solar energy installations through our co-ops. And in the process we’ve organized a statewide movement of solar supporters to fight for a clean energy future for Arizona that prioritizes accessibility, local control, and customer benefits.

We’re proud to be a part of Arizona’s community of solar advocates that have worked hard to build, maintain and defend solar in Arizona. To  expand solar access in Arizona, we:

  • Organize local solar co-ops, which help neighbors go solar together to get a bulk rate and the best value on installation.
  • Provide free solar education across the state to teach residents, businesses, farmers, and nonprofits about solar technology, financing, and tax incentives. We equip Arizonans with the tools they need to make an informed decision about going solar.
  • Expand access to solar for low-and moderate-income households— folks who benefit most from the electric bill savings – through grants, subsidies, and partnerships with local governments and fellow NGOs.
  • Fight for policies that promote energy freedom and protect solar rights while helping to build markets that make sure every person can access the benefits of solar energy. We push back against attempts to weaken compensation for solar owners’ excess production.

Will you join us?

Sign up today to join our Solar United Neighbors of Arizona network! We hope you’ll join us in helping more Arizonans capture the power of the sun!   

Reach out to Adrian.