Yes, solar works in Ohio

By Luke Sulfridge on December 15, 2017
Map shows Ohio’s solar potential.

We are often asked if solar works in Ohio. The answer is absolutely. In fact, Ohio receives considerably more sun than Germany, a global leader in solar. Ohio receives an annual average of sunshine ranging from 4.11 kWh per square meter in Cleveland to 4.43 kWh per square meter in South Point. Despite our snowy winter days, Ohio has a robust solar resource on an annual basis.

Your solar resource will depend on your latitude and local weather patterns. To find out what systems are producing near you, visit PV Watts a project of the National Renewable Energy Lab.

Solar in Ohio also has the additional advantage of a temperate climate. Even though a state like Florida gets an extra hour of sunshine per day, some of those gains are lost in efficiency reduction from the extreme heat. Ohioans also benefit from rain, which regularly washes our solar panels and negates the need for regular cleaning that dry and dusty regions require.