Ready, Set, Solar! for Nonprofits

Are you a nonprofit interested in going solar? The team at Solar United Neighbors (SUN) is here to help with the new Ready, Set, Solar! for Nonprofits program. 

The Inflation Reduction Act has increased access to solar for nonprofit organizations like never before! A 30% federal tax credit is now available as a direct pay incentive for tax-exempt nonprofit organizations who plan to own a solar array. 

Sign Up Now

After you sign up, we’ll take a look at your property by satellite image remotely. If it looks like it’s a good fit for solar, we’ll add you to the program and you’ll start receiving an email series designed to support you as your nonprofit goes solar.

Upcoming events

We currently do not have any upcoming events for this group. However, you can watch a recording of our Ready, Set, Solar! for Nonprofits Workshop here.

About Ready, Set, Solar! for Nonprofits program 

A new, free program from the nonprofit Solar United Neighbors will guide your nonprofit organization to becoming powered by the sun! Our team of experts will simplify the process of installing solar panels by providing our nonprofit friends with step-by-step guidance. This will enable tax-exempt organizations to make the most informed decision when purchasing solar panels, electric vehicle chargers and battery storage systems. 

The Ready, Set, Solar! for Nonprofits program utilizes a comprehensive curriculum that includes multifaceted educational resources and group activities. Participants will receive:

  • A free roof review
  • Informational materials covering the basics of solar technology
  • Tips for financing and incentives
  • Learn about solar policies
  • Help with installer proposals, selection and installation expectations
  • Additional follow-up resources on solar ownership

Who should join? 

  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Community-based organizations
  • Faith-based organizations + Places of worship
  • State & local government buildings
  • Public & private schools