Ready, Set, Solar! for Rural Businesses

Are you interested in going solar on your farm or rural business? 
We’re here to help with Ready, Set, Solar, REAP! 

What is REAP? 

The Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) offers federal grants and loans to help farmers and rural small business owners go solar, covering up to 50% of total project costs! 

Ready, Set, Solar, REAP! Is a free program designed to make the application process easier by offering you step-by-step guidance over 10 weeks to complete and submit your USDA REAP grant!

By joining Ready, Set, Solar, REAP you will receive:

  • A week of emails introducing you to the REAP grant process and our new REAP guide, followed by an email a week with bite-size to-do’s for the remaining 8 weeks
  • Unbiased, installer-neutral advice and expertise 
  • Active support from a network of peers, including SUN staff and previous REAP grantees 

Join Ready, Set, Solar, REAP!

After you sign up, we’ll take a look at your property by satellite image remotely. If it looks like it’s a good fit for solar, we’ll add you to the program and you’ll start receiving an email series designed to support you as go solar.