Bill – Palm Bay, Florida

February 1, 2023 Florida, Solar & Storms

How did your solar hold up in a hurricane?

What do you do when you’re going to be missed by a few miles by a hurricane? Trim some branches and make sure your solar panels are in good shape. Hurricane Ian came in on Florida’s west coast and slanted across the state. I live in Brevard County which is fifty-nine miles long and I’m in the southern end, in the city of Palm Bay. I’ve had my panels for a little over two years and with the back -up Tesla battery I haven’t been without power since I put them on the house. The night of Ian’s passing was windy with rain,  but not terrible. The next morning, I walked around the house and had no damage whatsoever. I was trying to decide if I would stay up or just go back to bed when there was a knock on the door. My neighbor who is taking care of his ninety-six-year-old mother wanted to know if I still had power. The air conditioner came on about that time and he shook his head and said, “Oh yeah, you have solar!” So, he came over with mom and I got her a hot cup of tea when there was another knock on the door. A neighbor across the street who has a husband with breathing problems who asked if I had power, then she saw the lights and shook her head and made the same statement as before. So, I had four guests and soon added two more from down the street. We had a nice little party going on and after four hours the power came back on and everybody went home, after looking at the panels supplying my power!