Charles & Penny – Sarasota, FL

March 30, 2021 Florida, Homeowner stories

I’m grateful to be a solar owner and gained confidence!

Charles & Penny – Sarasota
System size: 7 kW

What is your solar story?

So Regions installed the south array right after the first coop. I’d let Wayfair give me a bid (Josh is great) but hadn’t yet sold our VA house so didn’t comfortably have the money. As soon as I sold my house up north, I bought the system from Regions and it met about 70% of our needs. Even though the orientation is almost perfect, you can see we are constrained by our roof shape (too many hips) and by two big oaks to the SE and SW. Still, we got and continue to get plenty of production.

In the second coop, I bought the east system from Regions, too. What a great deal! I was surprised that the east system produces just as much as the larger south one. It shows that not having trees around to pinch your production curve offsets the suboptimal orientation.

This time of year I export energy almost every day (see attached screenshot from my FPL energy dashboard) so I am booking plenty of credit toward the hot season. I hope to break even for the year or, if I have extra, will use it this fall for an electric car. That’s my next green purchase.

I couldn’t be more proud and gratified to be a solar owner and the Coop gave me all the confidence I needed to become one, plus the assurance that the price was right and the installer would do a good job thanks to the customer community.