Chuck and Dawn – Indiana, Pennsylvania

We didn’t have to do all the research.

Chuck and Dawn – Indiana, PA

Indiana County Solar Co-op

System size: 14.18kW

Why did you decide to go solar?

We’d been considering it for some time to reduce our electric bill and help the whole grid system become more environmentally friendly. The federal money available as a tax credit was a huge incentive. Our system covers all of our usage except about one month out of the year.

What was the process like for you?

The installer was very easy to work with. The whole process was seamless. We saw yard signs and then went to learn more at a presentation at the local high school, where we signed up there. We still have people asking us about how we went solar – we tell them to join the co-op if they can!

How did you feel about the solar co-op?

When we got started, there was a lot of technical language we didn’t understand, but we were able to talk with SUN and the installer and learned a lot more. We’ve been totally satisfied, it’s maintenance free, and having someone else monitor the system has been a really nice feature. It was really easy – we didn’t have to do anything.

What advice would you give to people who are considering solar?

Go through a co-op! We have friends who were interested in going solar, but they didn’t have a co-op in their state. We were able to help them because we had all these resources we got from SUN. They ended up paying a lot more than we did because they weren’t part of a co-op, plus they didn’t have anyone else they could talk to.

It was nice to have a small community come together and go solar all at once. It made it easy. We didn’t have to do all the research. It was probably the easiest way to spend that money, and well worth it. It just made sense.