Cindy – Indiana, Pennsylvania

We got a much better price and we were able to do a much bigger system.

Cindy – Indiana, PA

Indiana County Solar Co-op

System size: 16.38

Why did you decide to go solar?

I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint. I am President of the Conservancy here, so I’m very familiar with the coal legacy in the area. I think climate change is a huge issue we need to be addressing. Solar is something small I could do to address that. I got an electric vehicle and I changed my gas water heater over to an electric water heater. I’ve also been thinking about getting a heat pump in the future!

And with all that, I have no electric bill and sometimes make a little more than I use during the year! One of my last electric bills was about 6 cents!

What surprised you about the solar co-op?

I was part of the very first Indiana County Solar Co-op. We are in coal country, but we had the most solar installations from the first two co-ops out of all the solar co-ops in the whole rest of the state for a long time. It was amazing!

What advice would you give to people who are considering solar?

If there’s a co-op in the area, look into it. If you don’t have a co-op in the area, look into it! 

When we thought about solar before the co-op formed, we had 4 estimates from different companies. Then when the co-op came in, we got a much better price and we were able to do a much bigger system than we originally planned. 

In the co-op, the people who joined are the ones who actually chose the installer, and we had help from SUN. That gives you peace of mind.