Marianne – Key West, FL

May 7, 2023 Florida, Homeowner stories


The process was a lot easier and smoother than I anticipated from start to finish.

Marianne – Key West, FL

FL Florida Keys 2023 Solar Co-op

System size: 4.14 kW


Why did you decide to go solar?

My neighbors across the street had their panels installed last year and had a great experience with it. I felt compelled to follow suit. Even though our energy use is not high to begin with it felt like the right thing to do.

Did anything surprise you about the process of going solar?

The co-op was well organized and with all the information I received ahead of time to educate me on the subject I felt fairly confident talking and negotiating with the installer.

Why did you choose to go solar with Solar United Neighbors?

They were in charge of the Co-op in the Keys a few years ago and as I mentioned before my neighbor had a good experience with it.

What benefits did you experience going solar with a co-op?

It was great to be a part of the process to select the installer. The bid proposals were very detailed and covered a lot of ground as far as knowledge, experience and readiness on the installers end. It made me feel confident the installer we selected was the right one for the job.

Do you have any data about your solar system performance? What electricity savings have you seen since going solar?

It’s been two days so I don’t have much data to report on yet but it is great I can see what the panels on the roof are producing through the app on my phone.

What advice would you give to someone considering going solar?

Make sure you have a sunny area on the roof where you would get maximum production and educate yourself on what you would need to run your property on solar. Become part of the co-op and visit or watch the information meetings they have.

Anything else you’d like to add?

The process was a lot easier and smoother than I anticipated from start to finish.