Renaissance Farms – Islamorada, Florida

John Kocol, general manager of Renaissance Farms of the Keys in Islamorada, Florida, received a REAP grant for 96 solar panels.

The total project cost was $94,600 and he received a 25% REAP grant that reduced the costs $23,650. His project also qualified for the 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit that reduced costs another $21,285. The grant and multiple tax credits added up to $65,563 and brought down final project costs to $29,137, or 30% of the initial project costs.

Kocol said the solar panels are saving his business an average of $6,403 per year on utility costs. He noted his panels also are warrantied for 25 years. They are also providing fixed costs at a time of high volatility in the natural gas market.

“So, you are looking at a system here that you can count on for reliability and performance for the long term,” Kocol said. He added, “This is a way you can actually take that variable out of the equation, and in the process, you can help Mother Earth.”