Renewable Lubricants, Inc. – Hartville, Ohio

Bill Garmier – Hartville, OH

Following his tenure in the U.S. Air Force, Bill Garmier returned to Ohio with a singular vision: to establish a family farm. Yet, as market dynamics shifted, Garmier recognized the imperative of diversification for sustainability. Thus, in 1991, he laid the cornerstone for Renewable Lubricants, Inc.

Located in Hartville, Ohio, Renewable Lubricants emerged as a trailblazing research and development entity. Its goal: to engineer bio-based alternatives to conventional petroleum products, championing environmental stewardship.

Today, Renewable Lubricants boasts a repertoire of over 250 eco-conscious, biodegradable lubricants, shipped throughout the US. Their global footprint is underscored by a portfolio of 180+ patents. From marine to locomotive to automotive sectors, their offerings redefine industry standards while upholding food-grade integrity.

Renewable Lubricants’ commitment to sustainability transcends product innovation. A pivotal moment arose when Jackie Garmier, daughter of the founder, engaged Randy Monhemius, Ohio’s Business Program Specialist, to secure a Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) grant for solar panel acquisition.

“Adding another level of sustainability was important to us.” said Garmier. “The solar panel installation allows us to use green, clean, and sustainable energy in our daily operations.” 

The fruition of this vision materialized in the form of a $47,862 REAP grant. Augmented by a $150,538 investment, a 79.2-kilowatt rooftop solar array now adorns their premises. This initiative eclipses 65% of their energy consumption, yielding annual savings of $10,611. These savings catalyze reinvestment in pioneering bio-based research and development endeavors.

Renewable Lubricants’ narrative exemplifies a harmonious blend of innovation, sustainability, and entrepreneurial foresight, underscoring their role as vanguards of eco-conscious industry practices.