Richard – Hialeah, Florida

November 14, 2021 Florida, Homeowner stories

I feel confident evaluating solar vendors because of collaboration, education.

Richard – Hialeah, FL
Miami Dade 2021 Solar Co-op
System size: 20 kW | Storage size: 15 kW

What is your solar story?

Going solar can be intimidating with many concerns on the unknown and dependency on selecting the correct and most knowledgeable contractor. I had researched on my own, and it was difficult to disseminate the sales pitches. Many were similar, others were contradictive. Fortunately, Solar United Neighbors delivered a platform of education and collaboration with vendors that reduced and virtually eliminated the concerns in having to validate the facts from the sales efforts. Another important component to me was the mission statement driving the contractor. Researching the installer and how this company came to be inspirational. We share the objective to contribute to moving forward to greater use of renewable energy.