Robert and Judy – Kennedyville, Maryland

Our farm adopted solar to power our work, love it!

Robert and Judy – Kennedyville, Maryland
Went solar with the Chestertown Solar Co-op in 2015
System size: 73.84 kW

What interested you about going solar initially? Why do you support solar energy?

​We were interested in a sustainable green energy source for our farming operation and got particularly ​interested after calculating the IRR at 11% over 20 years of investment.

Why did you choose to go solar with a solar co-op?

Joining with and accepting their background work alleviated much of our concern related to choosing one of many solar installation vendors.  The co-op had done due diligence in their selection of ​Advanced Solar Technologies as the preferred vendor.

What benefits did you experience going solar with a co-op?

​Assurance in selecting a reputable solar installation vendor and access to a discounted cost structure negotiated between the co-op and Advanced Solar Technologies.

Has anything surprised you about going solar?

​Yes, we were eligible for a REAP Grant with reasonable assurances that we’d qualify.  In spite of a properly completed ​application submitted in a timely manner, the response from the USDA was that our grant application had been denied due to lack of funding.

Do you have any data on your solar system’s performance? What electricity saving have you experienced since going solar?

​Our solar system has covered all of our electric requirements with some positive net metering back onto the grid.​

What advice would you give to someone is considering going solar?

Understand the contractual relationship you have with your current utility provider and ​exactly what will be required of them to execute the Interconnect Agreement.