Robert – Sarasota, Florida

July 2, 2019 Florida, Homeowner stories

No-brainer! Solar works great and our electric bill is $9.

Robert – Sarasota, FL
Went solar with the Sarasota Solar Co-op in 2016
System size: 18.0 kW

Why did you decide to go solar?

We live in sunny Florida and have a flat roof with Southern exposure. It was a true no-brainer.

Why did you decide to go solar with the co-op?

I had been looking at going solar for 3 years and found typical break-evens too long. The Co-op’s buying power made all the difference.

Has anything surprised you about going solar?

It took quite a while to complete the project for us (we had to do the roof first), but it works exactly as advertised. What a pleasant surprise!

How much have you saved on the electric bill after going solar?

Our electric bill is now $9 per month—which is FPL’s billing charge. We are generating 2.5-3.0 MW per month in the summer.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering going solar?

Run, don’t walk!