Tom and Anita – Melbourne, Florida

June 25, 2018 Florida, Homeowner stories

We went solar to benefit our lifestyle and the environment.

Tom and Anita – Melbourne, FL
Went Solar with the Brevard Solar Co-op in 2017
System size: 6.48 kW

We are part of the Brevard Solar Co-op. We have 27 solar panels and a 6.48 kWp system that was put on our roof in Aug 2017. Our best solar day was 49.9 kWh on April 16, 2018. Sunny portal shows a perfect mountain of solar power that day. Our monthly FPL electric bill is about $8.70 now. It averaged $120 a month, so we were advised to put 26 panels on the house. There is plenty of room for more panels if a larger family moves here someday.

We are working hard to help save the environment. In Oct 2016, we formed a nonprofit called Hundred Acre Hollows, Inc to care for 114 acres of Brevard County land that has hundreds of threatened gopher tortoises. They are a keystone species, and 350 other creatures depend on them for survival and live in their burrows. Some of those commensal species are threatened also like the gopher frog and gopher owl. Other animals that live in Hundred Acre Hollows include bobcats, deer, rabbits, possums, armadillos.

So when we heard about the Solar co-op, we decided to check it out. Going solar is absolutely the right thing to do for us. We want to help save the planet. We are trying to do our part. Tom has driven a Prius for 8 years. We carry refillable water bottles and don’t use one-use plastic bottles. We now use cloth napkins. Solar power fits in with our lifestyle.

Putting solar panels on your house is the way to go!  You won’t regret it.  We are so glad we did! Our only regret is that we didn’t go solar sooner. We’ve lived here for 16 years, and our roof has had the capacity for using the sun’s power the whole time we’ve been here