Travis and Janis – Potomac, Maryland

SUN was a priceless, knowledgable resource and network for solar.

Travis and Janis – Potomac, Maryland
Went solar with the Montgomery County Solar Co-op in 2016
System size: 8.48 kW, 28 solar panels


We, the Gallagher family in Potomac, got rooftop solar in November 2016, through the Montgomery County Solar Co-op. We are Travis and Janis and our dachshund; our two kids are mostly away at college. This corresponds to 8300 kWh of energy expected per year. This is about what we use.

We are passionate about Earth and climate, so we wanted to do this for a while, but it seemed unaffordable until now. Our system would have cost about $30,000, but we are leasing, and our monthly bill is about two thirds of what we used to pay on average. Two crucial factors for us were: First, Solar United Neighbors, which is both a nonprofit and knowledgeable, meaning that they are a priceless resource for trustworthy guidance in this brave new world of solar. Second, the co-op selected and connected us with SolarEnergyWorld,installers, and SunRun, a big company that owns the system. Both of these companies have been clear, helpful and fair in our installation and contract.

Our advice to others considering solar is to find a good unbiased guide, either someone who has gone solar, or another helpful organization, or best of all, a co-op. We don’t have a lot of data yet but the system seems to be performing as expected. The attached picture shows us with our neighbors who also just got solar; it’s like a wave of energy sweeping through the neighborhood!