Our impact

We know building a new energy system is an audacious goal. But, the passion and commitment of our members has convinced us that it’s possible. Our impact is a testament to our ability to get stuff done.

Last updated January 22, 2018

40,000+ solar supporters

Build an army of solar advocates

We know we can’t change our energy system if we don’t have a broad base of solar supporters fighting for their solar rights. Our list of solar supporters is over 30,000 and growing daily. Join us!

2,563 new solar owners with 19,098 kW installed

Help people go solar

Our members go solar individually and through solar co-ops. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners solicit proposals, find a solar company, and save money on their electric bills.

Combined, we’ve helped over 2,500 homeowners install 19,098 kW of solar capacity. Over the systems' lifetimes, they will offset 660 million pounds of carbon-equivalent emissions and save owners over $96.9 million on electricity costs. Learn more about our co-op impacts.

500+ positive stories about solar

Change the conversation around solar

We work in places where people and the media often say that solar isn’t possible. By generating hundreds of positive news stories and helping thousands of homeowners go solar, we change the conversation about solar and renewables in conservative, liberal, urban, and rural communities alike. Now these communities are talking about how quickly people are adopting solar and all the benefits going solar provides. Check out our press clips.

Policy wins in six states and growing!

Protect solar rights and fight for a fair, distributed energy system that benefits everyone

In many states, we’re helping our members protect their solar investments and ensure a fair energy system that directs control and benefits back to local communities. We’ve had a number of campaign victories that demonstrate the power of local people standing up for their solar rights. Learn more about our big policy wins and check out our current campaigns to see how you can get involved.

572 jobs created

Create jobs

Our members’ solar installations are supporting their local economies and creating good jobs. Distributed (or rooftop) solar is a particularly good local job creator – you can’t outsource a solar installation! Plus, the solar industry supports construction workers, electricians, roofers, steel manufacturers, panel manufacturers, distributors, and more. The solar industry is growing 18 times faster than the rest of the economy and driving job growth nation-wide. Learn more about how solar is creating jobs.

$44 in local benefits for every $1 contributed to Solar United Neighbors

Generate wealth for communities

Leveraging Investment GraphEvery $1 we spend becomes $44 for local communities! This is because installing solar invests money in the local economy, and keeps more money in families’ pockets. This means more money in the local economy, creating a cascade of benefits for the community.

Annual reports

Every year we put together an annual report summarizing our accomplishments, major programs, initiatives, and activities on the ground and across the country. Until October 2017, we were called Community Power Network, so you’ll see that name on older reports.

2016 Annual Report Cover2015 Annual Report Cover
2014 Annual Report Cover2013 Annual Report Cover2012 Annual Report Cover


Solar United Neighbors receives financial support from foundations and individual donors, as well as earned income from our on-the-ground programs. These diverse revenue sources help ensure we continue to be financially secure. For more information on prior year financials, see our annual reports.

2016 Financial Resources Graph

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