Abramson & Associates, LLC

Abramson & Associates LLC

Contact information

Business Name: Abramson & Associates, LLC
Address: 5147 MacArthur Blvd., NW Washington, DC 20016
Phone: 202.244.2522
Email: frontdesk@abramsontax.com
Website: www.abramsontax.com

System details

Size: 5.41 kW
Installer: Green Brilliance
Date of Install: May 2011

Who we are

Abramson & Associates, LLC is a multi-faceted, professional Tax, accounting and estate law firm. Located in the Palisades area of Washington, DC since 1981, our firm offers a variety of professional services without the stuffed shirts. Please check out our web site for more information.

Why we went solar

To reduce energy consumption and costs.

The use of renewable energy is a necessity. ‘The Future’s So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)” [Timbuk 3].

Benefits of going solar

Feeling good about saving the planet.

Much lower electricity costs.