2019 D.C. Solar Congress

2019 DC Solar Congress attendees

Thanks for coming to the 6th Annual D.C. Solar Congress!

More than 50 solar homeowners, supporters, and experts from around the District gathered on June 1st to discuss the state of solar and celebrate our victories from the past year!

The D.C. Solar Congress is a free public conference that brings together solar supporters from across D.C. to learn and discuss the current state and future for solar energy in the District. This year’s event included a series of presentations about solar technology and policy topics as well as ways to get involved with helping to grow solar in D.C.

Topics included: solar 101 information session, DC’s Solar for All program, electric vehicles, de-mystifying solar, emerging D.C. solar policy initiatives, and much more! The event concluded with a participatory open forum discussion for all attendees to discuss priorities and opportunities that solar supporters in D.C. should focus on in the coming year.


D.C. Grid Modernization

Solar Home Ownership Demystified

Residential Energy Storage

Electric Vehicles in D.C.


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