ACE Lock and Key Shop

Contact information

Business Name: ACE Lock and Key Shop
Address: 7060 US Highway 33 West, Camden, WV 26338
Phone: (304) 269-3308
Email: none
Website: none

System details

Size: 8 kW
Installer: Mountain View Solar
Date of Install: June 2012

Who we are

ACE Lock and Key Shop is owned and operated by Certified Master Locksmith James Dennison and has been serving the people of West Virginia since 1965.

Why we went solar

The high cost of electricity and the constant power outages that occur where we are located drove us to seek an alternative to dependency on the electrical grid.

Benefits of going solar

There is a certain pleasure in making use of what falls in the backyard all year long. It’s there, it’s free, so why not make use of it? Not to mention, with solar there is nothing to be regrown or extracted from the earth, and there are no emissions. Our solar system allows us energy freedom and we love seeing the savings on our monthly bill.