2019 West Virginia Solar Congress

West Virginia Program Director Autumn Long addresses Solar Congress attendees
West Virginia Program Director Autumn Long addresses Solar Congress attendees

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2019 West Virginia Solar Congress!

The West Virginia Solar Congress is a free annual public conference that brings together solar supporters from across the state to learn and discuss the current status and future of solar energy in the state. The day included a series of presentations about solar technology and policy topics as well as ways to get involved with growing solar in our local communities. The event concluded with a participatory open forum for all attendees to discuss priorities and opportunities for solar supporters in West Virginia in the coming year.


Introduction to Solar PV

Capturing the Solar Dollar: Sustainable economic development opportunities in West Virginia from investments in solar

Electric Vehicles and Driving on Sunshine: Turning light into light speed

Solar Policy Priorities for West Virginia

Energy Efficiency for the Home and Business

  • Energy efficiency in conjunction with renewable energy generation will compound savings, can minimize upfront system costs, and will improve the comfort of the home.  In this presentation we will explain how energy efficiency bridges the gap between energy production and consumption while ensuring adequate indoor air quality and reduced reliance on the power grid.

Solar + Storage

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