Legalize Power Purchase Agreements in West Virginia

Power Purchase Agreements are a way to finance solar installations. They are not yet legal in West Virginia.

PPAs are a no-cost way to empower more West Virginians to benefit from solar. Current law forbids us from entering into solar PPAs to buy solar energy. Legalizing these agreements will help West Virginia communities, businesses, and nonprofits:

  • Install solar with little to no upfront cost
  • Lower electric bills from day one
  • Lock in affordable long-term electricity rates
  • Avoid utility rate increases
  • Stabilize monthly budget expenditures

In addition, solar PPAs will expand economic development, create good local jobs, and attract employers to locate and invest in West Virginia. Urge your legislators to support legalizing PPAs using the form at the right of this page. Tell them why you support more solar in West Virginia.

Click here to learn more about PPAs.

Logo for Solar United Neighbors Action. It includes a drawing of the Capitol building surrounded by sun rays
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