Electric vehicles in Arizona

Why EVs and solar?

This year, more electric vehicles (EVs) will hit the road than ever before in Arizona. EVs have lower fuel costs and less maintenance than traditional vehicles. Pairing an EV with rooftop solar allows homeowners to charge their vehicle with sunlight – optimizing savings and further reducing transportation costs.  

Learn the basics

EVs and solar in Arizona

Arizona ranks seventh in EV registrations per state, and the number of electric cars on the road is only growing. Solar and EV’s complement each other seamlessly. Charging an EV during daylight hours can also serve to strengthen the grid by absorbing surplus solar power generated throughout the day. 

Most people charge their vehicle at home. While it is possible to charge an EV in any standard electrical outlet, most homeowners install a home EV charger (often called a Level 2 charger) to speed up the process. In addition to installing solar, Solar United Neighbors co-op members can also purchase home EV charging through a co-op. Plus, some solar inverters come with an EV charging option.

Public fast-chargers are also becoming more widely available and enable EVs to travel even longer distances. Check out this map of nearby public charging stations. And here’s SUN’s guide on all things EV charging.

 Arizona EV incentives

In Arizona, EV owners pay a reduced license tax and are exempt from emissions testing.

Utility provider SRP offers an Electric Vehicle Price Plan. This plan includes access to “super off-peak” discounted pricing between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. EV owners with this plan may save money by charging during those hours.

Utility provider Tucson Electric Power (TEP) offers two electric vehicle price plans that include super off-peak pricing for EV owners. 

All three major Arizona utilities offer rebates for the purchase of a home electric vehicle charger. 

Be sure to check out our federal EV incentives and tax credits page for further information.