Salt River Project Elections

Everything you need to know to be an informed solar voter

The Salt River Project (SRP) provides electricity service to more than one million customers in the Phoenix metro area. SRP holds elections every two years for its board of governors and councilors. They are responsible for setting rules governing the utility.

This includes your ability to go solar!

Are you eligible to vote?

SRP uses a complicated and restrictive system for voting. All voters must own land in SRP territory and be registered to vote in Arizona.

It’s important that solar supporters like you to participate. The SRP board and council determine your electricity prices, the amount of clean energy generated by the utility, and how much credit you receive for solar produced on your home.

How can you vote in the 2020 SRP election

  • Request a ballot from SRP before March 27 and your ballot will be mailed to you. Mail your ballot before April 1, or drop it off at SRP Voting Center by April 6.
  • Vote on Election Day, Tuesday April 7.

Candidate information

You can find a list of candidates on the SRP website. Below you will find a list of questions to ask them so that you can be an informed voter.

Questions for candidates

  • How would you make it easier for SRP customers to install solar?
  • How would you ensure existing solar customers receive the full value of the solar their system generates?
  • What can SRP do to provide customers with clearer information about going solar?
  • What is your view on time-of-use rate structures?
  • What should SRP do to help its customers be more energy efficient?
  • What can SRP to do help customers integrate electric vehicles?
  • How will the increasing adoption of residential battery storage impact SRP?