Energy democracy in Virginia

Virginia: declare your solar rights!

From the Shenandoah Valley to the Tidewater, Virginia’s diverse community of solar supporters are proclaiming our right to own and develop solar energy through the Declaration of Solar Rights. The Declaration demands the protection and expansion four major “solar rights.” These rights will make Virginia’s electric system stronger, more democratic, and more customer-oriented:

  1. Protect net metering
  2. Lift Virginia’s cap on solar energy generation
  3. Allow Virginians to develop real community solar projects
  4. Reduce red tape for prospective solar owners

Thousands of Virginians have signed and submitted the Declaration of Solar Rights. And their representatives are starting to listen. It’s proof that when solar owners organize and fight together, good things happen. Learn more about the continuing successes of Virginia’s solar movement.

Virginia Declaration of Solar Rights

Virginians are demanding a clean, democratic energy system that directs control and benefits back to local communities—with solar as the cornerstone. Contact your representatives and declare your solar rights!
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