Cedar Park Storage

Contact information

Business Name: Cedar Park Storage
Address: 49 Cedar Park Lane, Verona, VA 24482
Phone: (540) 248-7225
Email: info@cedarparkstorage.com
Website: www.cedarparkstorageva.com


System details

Size: 78 kW
Installer: SunDay Solar
Date of Install: March 2015

Who we are

Cedar Park Storage is a 24/7 access storage facility with climate controlled indoor units as well as outdoor access units. We provide around the clock security camera surveillance to give you peace of mind.

Why we went solar

We installed solar because we wanted to save money on our monthly bill and help move the energy economy toward renewables. We’re also happy that the energy generated by our system reduces load stress on the network by providing energy to the grid.

Benefits of going solar

The cost savings on energy over the course of the year are immense, but our system also helps to draw in new business from solar supporters. No matter what system you put in, once you pay it off you’re saving money. It’s a great way to help the bottom line of your business.