Co-op Launch Form

Internal form for use by field staff to request launching a co-op

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  • This is most likely you but should be whomever is organizing the co-op from the state's field team.
  • Is this co-op noteworthy for promotion and earned media pitching? Please describe why to help the Growth team promote it.
  • examples. Arlington, Greater Columbus
  • If you aren't sure what type to select here, please speak with your Go Solar teammate. There are various considerations on which one to choose such as how the co-op is marketed and what kind of additional information the selection committee will be asked to evaluate.
  • By way of background, the goal of this goal is to be able to display a status bar like the picture below. The aim of the status bar is to encourage people to sign up by showing them that other people are signing up. This is not the place to show stretch goals — the idea is to show accurate co-op numbers, in a context that communicates that we have good participation and people should join now.
  • I would like the short code(s) for the co-op page to be (multiple codes okay, separate by commas):
  • ex. "Open to residents and businesses in Arlington County"
  • Add drop box link