Cross Hairs Shooting Range

Contact information

Business Name: Cross Hairs Indoor Shooting Range
Address: 322 Fort Ashby Road
Fort Ashby WV 26719
Phone: 304-298-4414

System details

Size: 24.375
Installer: Big D Electric
Date of Install: 2017

Who we are

We are owned by Betsy Delozier, a local gun enthusiast who’s passion for renewable energy sparked her attraction to being West Virginia’s only known Solar Powered Indoor Shooting Range.

 Why We Went Solar

Ms. Delozier’s desire to go Solar was to inspire other businesses in the area and to showcase her shooting range with a sustainable way of saving energy over the long haul.

Benefits of going solar

A 50% reduction in electric usage means smaller electric bills thus making the property more valuable and of course Eco friendly.