DuCard Vineyards

Contact information

Business Name: DuCard Vineyards
Address: 40 Gibson Hollow Lane, Etlan, VA 22719
Phone: (540) 923-4206
Email: scott@ducardvineyards.com
Website: www.ducardvineyards.com


System details

Size: 10 kW
Installer: Virtue Solar
Date of Install: 2010 (5 kW), 2016 (5 kW)

Who we are

DuCard Vineyards is a boutique winery in a gorgeous setting bordering Shenandoah National Park, just north of Charlottesville. Offering a range of Bordeaux and other varieties from estate vineyards, all in small lots grown and processed with tender loving care using traditional methods. A wide variety of events are offered at DuCard, including music on the patio, Oyster Festivals, vertical tastings, Civil War reenactment, gourmet food and wine pairing sessions, as well as signature catered Sunday wine brunches on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Fall Harvest.

Why we went solar

DuCard has been named Virginia’s Greenest Winery for our sustainability and environmental stewardship. We use a wide range of green and leading-edge practices, which include the use of lightweight bottles, compostable cutlery, and reclaimed hardwood building construction. We even offer multiple EV charging stations which includes a Tesla charger at no cost to customers. Our business is based in nature so we feel it appropriate and critical to do everything we can to respect the environment and be harmonious with it.

Benefits of going solar

We use sunshine to ripen our grapes, so what a delicious irony that we are able to use it to power our operations as well. The decision for us was philosophical, not economic. Often it costs more to do the right thing, especially in the short run, but we believe it’s appropriate for us and makes us doubly proud of what we do.  We invite everyone to visit, tour, and enjoy the wines and great scenery.