How does the co-op purchase work?

By SUN Admin on September 18, 2017

Our unique co-op process helps ensure each Co-op Member gets a quality install from a vetted and neutrally-selected installer. What’s more, it cost nothing to join the group! We help each solar co-op develop a request for proposals from local installers, resulting in a competitive bidding process. We help the co-op form a selection committee to review each bid and select which one is best for the group. Solar United Neighbors is entirely installer neutral. The installer selection decision is solely up to group members. We provide support by ensuring each selection committee member understands all of the components of the bids and can make a fully informed decision. The winning installer’s bid will then set the price, equipment, warranties, and any additional components for all proposals issued to co-op members.

We work closely with Co-op Members once the installer is chosen to evaluate their solar contracts and advocate on their behalf during the installation process. We are able to provide one-on-one support to any Member who needs additional help. We ensure that our Co-op Members have everything they need before going solar.

Once the installer has finished work on all of the co-op homes that have gone solar, we throw a big party to celebrate the success of the co-op and recognize everyone that helped along the way. The support of our installers, partners, Co-op Members, and local leaders makes our co-ops possible.

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