What is a solar co-op?

By Sam Polino on September 18, 2017

A solar co-op is a group of homeowners in a defined geographic area who use their combined purchasing power to ensure they receive the most competitive solar installation. Solar installers face significant costs finding, qualifying, and educating solar customers. By forming a group of interested buyers, co-op members ensure the most competitive pricing because Solar United Neighbors has already done some of the work for the installer.

More importantly, when you join one of our co-ops you get a free 1-year membership with Solar United Neighbors. Co-op Members have access to our installer-neutral and unbiased staff of solar experts to guide them through the installation process and understand topics like the value of their solar, local policies, and financing options. Solar United Neighbors provides educational resources, public information sessions, and one-on-one support for all Co-op Members. All of our members  are able to join the growing movement of solar owners and are keyed into important issues and updates in solar.

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