Support energy efficiency and our energy rights in Florida

Electric utilities make money by selling you electricity. The more you use, the more money they make. That’s why they’re so eager to deny your right to go solar and generate your own electricity. For the same reason, these monopoly utilities want to roll back targets for energy efficiency.

Florida’s investor owned utilities and municipal utilities like JEA, OUC, and TECO must file an energy efficiency plan with our Public Service Commission every five years. These plans state what they will do to encourage energy efficiency. These plans are supposed to come with goals.  Higher goals mean a broader scale of energy efficiency programs provided to customers.

When these standards we last up for review  the Public Utility Commission gutted these goals at the utilities’ request. Now, these utilities want to set them to zero.

Tell the Public Service Commission you oppose the monopoly utilities’ attack on your energy rights.

We already pay the eighth highest electricity bills in the country. Now, utilities are doing their least to help hard-working families reduce energy use and save money on their bills. Let’s not leave energy savings on the table.

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