Gat Creek Furniture

Contact information

Business Name: Gat Creek
Address: 5270 Valley Road, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411
Phone: (304) 258-2343

System details

Size: 64.4 kW
Installer: Mountain View Solar
Date of Install: December 2016

Who we are

Gat Creek manufacturers solid-wood furniture in Berkeley Springs, WV. We are a founder of the Sustainable Furnishing Council and a true leader in sustainability in the home furnishings industry. Our factory encompasses over 90,000 square feet and employs over 140 skilled artisans.

Why we went solar

We decided to go solar because we wanted an on-site renewable source of electricity that would allow us to be less reliant on our electric company. We constantly invest to reduce our consumption of energy to reduce our costs, and installing our own PV system has allowed us to do just that.

Benefits of going solar

We believe in the importance of distributed renewable power and going solar has allowed us to support the clean energy economy, all while saving money on our monthly bill and hedging our bets against rising utility costs.