Support solar in rural communities

The Rural Energy for America Program has helped grow solar in rural communities across America. Tell your representatives to maintain the program in this year's Farm Bill.

The federal “Rural Energy for America Program” (REAP), has helped farms and rural small businesses build thousands of renewable energy projects. Now it’s under serious threat. The program expires in September, unless Congress includes funding for this popular, bi-partisan program in the current Farm Bill.

Renewable energy and energy efficiency assistance programs like REAP account for less than one tenth of one percent of Farm Bill spending, yet they have an outsized impact in parts of our country that need an economic boost and clean energy. Since 2009, REAP has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and loan guarantees, supporting small town economic development, good jobs, and energy independence. Click here to learn about REAP funding in your community.

The Senate version of the bill passed with REAP funding in it. The House version did not. Congress will be reconciling the bills, so it’s urgent to tell your Congressional representatives to fully fund REAP.

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