Gift and Thrift

Contact information

Business Name: Gift and Thrift
Address: 731 Mt. Clinton Pike, Harrisonburg, VA 22802
Phone: (540) 433-8844

System details

Size: 113 kW
Installer: Secure Futures
Date of Install: November 2016


Who we are

Gift and Thrift is a non-profit thrift store committed to Christian faith through action. We offer a friendly presence in our community while being responsible stewards of our environment.

Why we went solar

Taking care of the environment is a part of our mission statement, so installing solar on our roof was a natural decision for us to make. It was a smart financial move that cut down our carbon footprint and afforded us another chance to give back to our community.

Benefits of going solar

To us, solar was an economically smart investment that allowed us to further support our ethic of responsible environmental stewardship and conservation. We want to be able to serve our community on all fronts—providing quality service to our customers, being a good neighbor, and helping to create good local jobs.