Great Lakes Brewing Company

Contact Info

Business Name: Great Lakes Brewing Company
Address: 2516 Market Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: (216) 771-4404


System Details

Size: 20.1 kW
Installer: Bold Alternatives
Date of Install: February 2017

Who we are

For more than 28 years, Great Lakes Brewing Company has grown from a small-batch brewpub in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood to the 21st largest U.S. craft brewery in the country, and a top 30 overall U.S. brewery. A pioneer in the American craft brewing movement, from the beginning we have prided ourselves on offering a diverse portfolio of only the freshest, preservative-free beer. We operate with a triple-bottom line philosophy that places value on social and environmental sustainability, in addition to our own financial bottom line.

Why we went solar

Solar energy was a very tangible way of showcasing our sustainability efforts. We’ve been involved in water and energy conservation, local foods purchasing, green building, waste diversion, philanthropy, outreach, and advocacy for years and the installation of a solar array was a billboard for these efforts. We also try to model environmental behaviors for our consumers and to inspire them to take the next right step.

Benefits of going solar

For us, not only was going solar a decision that we wanted to make because we feel it’s environmentally preferable to grid power, but it also demonstrates our spirit of independence and gives us recognition from our consumers. They often tell us that they appreciate the way we do business and we hope that our sustainability initiatives give them a second reason to choose our beer from a store, shelf, or a tap.