Net metering in Ohio

What is net metering?

Net metering is the policy that allows people with solar to get a credit on their electric bill for the energy they produce from their system.

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Net metering in Ohio

System capacity limit No specific capacity limit established, but systems must be sized to either partially or fully meet energy consumption
Monthly excess generation credit rate Generation rate, not full retail rate of generation, transmission, and distribution
Annual excess generation credit rate N/A
State-wide net metering cap None specified
Applicable utilities Investor-owned utilities
Policies expanding net metering None
Additional barriers Utilities have inconsistent net metering rules. Municipal utilities and electric cooperatives are not required to have net metering. Net metering is currently under review by the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (PUCO).


Net metering rules are currently being evaluated by the Public Service Commission of Ohio (PUCO) under docket Case 12-2050-EL-ORD. Currently, net metering is established only for investor-owned utilities. Municipalities and electric cooperatives are not required to have net metering laws. Under established net metering rules, systems must be sized to either partially or fully meet energy consumption. While there is no capacity limit specified, some utilities will not interconnect systems that produce excess energy over a 12-month period.

Since Ohio is a deregulated energy market, customers may select a competitive retail electric service (CRES) provider. CRES providers each have net metering agreements and may compensate excess generation differently than utilities. Some are more generous than the utility.

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If you’re having trouble with net metering or getting your system interconnected, post to the Ohio listserv to get help.

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Our utilities exist to serve their customers. If you’re having a problem that isn’t being resolved quickly by your utility, file a complaint at the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

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