About Solar United Neighbors’ Fellows program

Solar energy adoption will skyrocket in the coming decade. Strong public interest in solar mirrors strong public interest in working in the industry. This is why we’ve launched a Fellows program. Fellows join a team of Program Coordinators and Specialists in supporting our work.

This may include:

  • implementation of solar co-ops, our National Solar Help Desk, and other Go Solar programming
  • support for our energy equity initiatives
  • promotion of organizational priorities

The Fellows program is paid through a monthly stipend. Fellows work part-time, roughly 15-20 hours per week for a term of 9-12 months. Fellows are able to work remotely. This allows those trying to enter the solar workforce, working in grad school, or in the middle of a career transition to participate in the program. They can do so while also balancing other work and education opportunities.

How Fellows work with their SUN colleagues

The Fellowship begins with a clear, and easy to navigate training experience. It focuses on building solar knowledge and basic skills development. Fellows will have many opportunities to connect with teammates and others in the organization.

Fellows are given work that quickly allows them to build their knowledge base. In this way, Fellows have an opportunity to contribute to more complex work early in the Fellowship.

Fellows program successes

The program has one to three Fellow positions filled at any given time. Since 2021, we have had seven Fellows in the program. Of the six program alumni, four became full-time employees. The other two found positions in sustainability or renewable energy roles with non-profits and municipalities. Four Fellows were in the middle of a career switch. Three were newly entering the workforce after school.