Community Solar Projects in Maryland

Community solar is spreading in Maryland! Projects across the state are under development. As they become available we will take the time to review and summarize a number of them including the different ways they can be structured, who’s involved, how much electricity costs, and other key provisions you should consider. As you look through the projects and talk to providers, be sure to also review our community solar shopping FAQ.

We’re doing this to highlight the work happening around the state to build a shared solar future all Marylanders can access.

Some of the projects we review may be open to new subscribers. Others may be closed. If you decide to subscribe to one through this site, Solar United Neighbors may receive a referral fee from the provider. We will indicate this clearly for each applicable project. We are a neutral, non-profit effort and do not support any particular project. All project providers in the state are welcome to work with us and to add their projects to the list below. If you are a developer in Maryland and would like to add your project here please contact

List of projects (by utility area)

This list will continue to be updated as we hear about more community solar projects


Owings Mills



Chester Woods Point Solar

Linchester Mill

Snow Hill


Panorama Solar

Potomac Edison

None currently available. Please sign up to be notified about future open projects in your utility area.

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