Advocate for community solar in your state

Not everyone can go solar where they live! This may be because they rent or their roof may be a bad fit for solar. Community solar offers the benefit of solar if you can’t, or prefer not to, install solar panels on your home.

Community solar allows individuals and families to subscribe to a “share” of solar generation in a nearby community solar project. When you join a community solar project, you receive a credit on your electric bill each month, often reducing your bill. The size of your share determines how much credit you receive.

Community solar is not available everywhere — yet. Your utility must agree to participate in community solar. Alternatively, some places require utilities to offer community solar. Community solar is currently enabled through policy in only 22 states.

At Solar United Neighbors, we have campaigns in each of the following states to pass community solar policy. Click on your state below to help to pass community solar legislation!

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