Make Maryland a leader in solar energy!

The Maryland legislature is considering a trio of important bills that would help our state to become a national solar and clean energy leader. Our state representatives need to hear from solar advocates, like you.

Tell your elected officials that you support these priority bills to generate more affordable solar power and clean energy jobs throughout the state:

  • The historic Clean Energy Jobs Act (SB 516/HB 1158) would increase the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard (how much clean energy that MD utilities are required to obtain) to 50% by 2028. This includes a nation-leading 14.5% solar carve-out which would create an estimated 5,000 MW in new, in-state solar installations and 20,000 new Maryland jobs. This bill will have a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee on March 5th and the House Economic Matters Committee on March 8th. The hearings start at 1pm in Annapolis.
  • Another bill, the Community Solar Pilot Extension (SB 520 /HB 683), would extend the state’s community solar pilot program, which makes it possible for anyone with an electric bill to access solar energy. This is especially important for renters, low- and middle-income residents, and homeowners with buildings that are not suitable for solar installations. There is a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee on March 8th at 1pm.
  • The third priority bill (SB 0078) renews the state excise tax credit of up to $3,000 for the purchaser of an electric vehicle. The current excise credit is set to expire next year, and the extension will help ensure that Maryland makes progress on the zero-emission vehicle state action plan.

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