Matt Wedel

Contact information

Business Name: Matt Wedel
Phone: (740) 818-5056


System details

Size: 17 kW
Installer: Appalachian Renewable Power
Date of Install: March 2017

Who we are

I am a ceramic sculptor and my wife is a designer/maker of a woman’s sustainable clothing line.  We work from our home in Albany, Ohio, where we raise our two kids. Both of our businesses are now powered by solar. 


Why we went solar

We both believe in the importance of investing in renewable energy for environmental and economic reasons. Much of our production is electric including a woodshop, ceramic kilns, mixers, compressors, forklift chargers, sowing machines etc. This installation has drastically reduced the energy cost of our production while at the same time reducing our dependence on our local coal-fired power plants.   


Benefits of going solar

When the sun is shining, I like that the energy our system is producing is going directly into the equipment that we are using. It seems like one less thing to worry about and allows us to focus on issues that are of more immediate concern either in our businesses or our community.